Shabbat service

“A People in Our Land”

Goal: Participants will develop a personal connection to the significance of Israel by participating in the development of how we celebrate it.


  • Torah Study
  • Discussion

For the family Shabbat service between Yom HaShoah and Yom Ha’atzmaut, the parasha is Emor which lists the major biblical holidays (Leviticus 23).  The service leader can ask attendees to recall what each of the holidays is about.  Specifically, they should connect each holiday to history, agriculture, and its ritual symbols.

Then the leader can explain that although many of our holidays are old and come from the Torah, this week will celebrate a holiday that was created in the lifetime of their grandparents: Yom Ha-atzmaut.

As a young holiday, it is still being created.

Which symbols do they like the best for this holiday? Show the following and discuss: the Israeli flag, Falafel, barbeque (family picnics), wearing blue and white.


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