Am Chofshi B’Artzenu – text studies

What makes Israel unique? The miraculous combination of three key concepts: Freedom, Peoplehood, and the Land of Israel. Only in the State of Israel are these concepts able to live in full relationship with each other. Exploring with these three concepts provides the code for all Israel engagement for any age.

Here you can download four study booklets (chevruta) with traditional and modern texts together with guiding questions, for your use. We have also included introductory programming suggestions for teens, for families, and for adults.

Am – People

Chofshi – Free

B’Artzenu – In Our Land

Am Chofshi B’Artzenu – Case Studies

The material is presented in a user-friendly format for you to use as you choose. In addition, if you wish, we can also supply New York congregations with trained Makōm  facilitators for no cost on a first-come-first-served basis. For more details contact mittelmanm [at]  jcrcny [dot] org


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